The Passion of The Christ

25 February 2004

"The Passion of The Christ" explains the mystery of Christianity. What’s all this stuff about forgiveness of sins, ask skeptics. God landed on earth in order to die cruelly, taking on the punishment for all of our sins. We sin a lot – which needed huge punishment. Sin is another name for evil in the world. The punishment was simply awful – a fact that this film focuses on. If His death had been painless, there would have been no reason to come – and no Christianity. It is amazing that the creator of the universe was prepared to suffer for us so much - a definition of love.

For those who don’t understanding these matters, Christianity is just another religion. Gibson makes us understand them through images that will stay with us till we die. I’d recommend people don’t wait till then before they realise the Truth. This film may jolt many to figure out that a relationship with God (through Jesus) is essential to all of us. It took the thief on the cross to paradise.

More than anything the film made me love God more, for what he did for me, my sins in the past, and those I will commit in the future.

- Tony Copple