In the Formative Years of Jesus

By Shiv Chopra, Ph.D.



Shiv Chopra is a world renowned scientist who is best recognized for his contributions on food safety. His lesser known work in science is due to his unique interpretation of the Bible. His book on Genesis 1-9 was published by NOVA Science Publishers Inc., New York, in 1995. Entitled FOUR.FIVE it was also called as The Flood and Modern Science.


Prior to the publication of FOUR.FIVE a most intriguing interview with Dr. Chopra was broadcast on CFRA Radio on the Steve Madely Show. Lasting one whole hour so impressive was the interview that it was repeated by popular demand on many a radio station across North-America for almost a year, as The Best of Madely.


Chopra’s latest venture on the Bible is to produce a film documentary on the growing-up years of Jesus. Entitled: From Bethlehem to Banaras in the Formative Years of Jesus, it is about his legendary missing period from approximately fourteen to thirty years of age during which he is reported to have traveled across different parts of India before going back to preach in Nazareth. It is a fascinating account of the little known persona of Jesus that turned the future history of God on its head. Needless to remind that Jesus was born in Bethlehem which while serving as fountainhead to three great religions, including Judaism, Christianity and Islam, has also been a hotbed of violence ever since Jacob-Israel named it as Bethlehem to remember his most beloved partner, Rachel, who suddenly passed away upon giving birth to his 12th son Ben-oni or Benjamin.



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