Another event pointing towards Revival in Ottawa - Praise Our Lord!
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Mission to Ottawa: The Full

The Billy Graham mission to the Ottawa Region, June 1998, was an event of great importance from Christian, geographical and historical perspectives. Dr Graham has an Ottawa connection in George Beverly Shea, who hails from Winchester. He is the confidante of rulers and policy-makers around the world. Ottawa is a hub of international influence. During the four days of Dr Graham's meetings at the Corel Centre, Kanata, some 107,000 souls attended, and of these more than 9,000 made personal commitments to Christ. Thousands of volunteers served as ushers and counsellors, with many behind the scences ensuring this well-oiled machine brought in the harvest. Those who were involve in any way will never forget it, and many will have taken such significant steps in their faith journeys that their lives will never be the same. I know: I was one of them.

The Exciting Road Ahead

For those who went forward at the mission to accept our Lord, and those who renewed their faith, now comes the excitement of developing your personal relationship with our Lord.

The story as told by the Press and other correspondents
- in chronological order.

Unfortunately the Citizen website, previously one of the finest newspaper sites available, was unceremonially scrapped by the new owners. The names of articles below remain, as a historical record, even though the links have gone.

  • Billy Graham's Catholic crusaders - Bob Harvey, Citizen, May 5,1998
  • The Mission's Advance Man - Citizen, June 22, 1998
  • Mission rock-show staging... - Citizen, June 23, 1998
  • Transforming the Corel Centre with prayer - Citizen, June 23, 1998
  • A Mission of Salvation - Sarah Green, Ottawa Sun, June 24
  • 4 Days of Planned Spontaneity - Donna Casey, Ottawa Sun, June 24
  • Ben Heppner on a Crusade Citizen, June 25
  • Never a sour note - Citizen, June 25
  • Drivers don't have a prayer - Donna Casey, Sun, June 25
  • Questioning the believers' belief - Earl McRae Sun, June 25
  • Prayer - Suzie Martin
  • Thursday - by Brian Wilkie
  • Held in the arms of the Lord - Donna Casey, Sun, June 26
  • Smooth operation simply miraculous - Ron Corbett, Sun, June 26
  • Down-Home charm - Charles Enman, Citizen, June 27
  • Evangelist sees spirit of column - Earl McRae, Sun, June 27
  • Welcome to the Kingdom - Chinta Puxley, Sun, June 27
  • The most uplifting feeling - Chinta Puxley, Sun, June 27
  • Friday - by Brian Wilkie
  • Kidz Gig delivers Gospel - Sarah Green, Sun, June 28
  • Coolest Show in Town - Dave Ebner, Citizen, June 27
  • Folk Flock to Spectacle - Ron Corbett, Sun, June 28
  • Christian legend draws folk.. - Donna Casey, Sun, June 29
  • Contradictions challenge faith - Earl McRae, Sun, June 29
  • Resurrecting spirituality - Donna Casey, Sun, June 29
  • Religious faith renewed - Andrew Matte, Sun, June 29
  • An angel waits to take your hand - Bob Harvey, Citizen, June 29
  • Report from Detroit - by Suzie Martin
  • Commitment - a Scary Word - by Suzie Martin
  • My prayer to attend the mission... - Collette Wallingford, Citizen letters
  • From a Journalist's Point of View - Sally Gunther, Kanata Kourier-Standard
  • Beyond Expectations - a Huge Success - Nancy Boughner


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